Plan like a pro!

Quickly and easily create tour-quality hole location sheets.

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Plan like a Pro


Automatic measurments.

Place locations for multiple rounds at the same time.

Walk off the 18th green with completed sheets, ready to download.


Create multiple users on a single account with different roles.

Set permissions for different users to create an efficient workflow.

Share pin sheets between users easily.


Compile and download a finished PDF in seconds.

Create 3 styles of sheets – right-aligned (PinSetter), center-aligned (USGA), and cart-sign (2 per page).

Full color design with multiple logos and editable headers.


Set your “live” hole locations.

Publish a sheet immediately, or schedule it to go live at a later date and time.

What's right for you?

Course Facility

Manage and publish pin greens
Create sheets
Print sheets
Annual fee: $1,249

Tournament Organization

Design greens quickly and accurately
Customize and print sheets
Share designs
Save and modify for the future

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